Materialize Hello World 

Materialize Hello World 

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About Materialize

Materialize CSS is a UI component library which is created with CSS, JavaScript and HTML by Google.

Key principles:

  • Material is the metaphor
  • Bold, graphic, intentional
  • Motion provides meaning

Syntax help



Background color

<div class="card-panel teal lighten-2">This is a card panel with a teal lighten-2 class</div>


.ilike-blue-container {
    @extend .blue, .lighten-4;

Text color

<span class="blue-text text-darken-2">This is a card panel with dark blue text</span>


 .ilike-blue-container {
    @extend .blue-text, .text-lighten-4;
Color Names
classes to vary the color applied


  • Row and column style classes
Small Screen DevicesDescription
s1Defines 1 of 12 columns with width as 08.33%
s2Defines 2 of 12 columns with width as 16.66%.
s3Defines 3 of 12 columns with width as 25.00%.
s4Defines 4 of 12 columns with width as 33.33%.
s5-s11Defines 5-11 columns respectively
s12Defines 12 of 12 columns with width as 100%. Default class for small screen phones
Medium Screen Devices
m1Defines 1 of 12 columns with width as 08.33%
m2Defines 2 of 12 columns with width as 16.66%.
m3Defines 3 of 12 columns with width as 25.00%.
m4Defines 4 of 12 columns with width as 33.33%.
m5-m11Defines 5-11 columns respectively
m12Defines 12 of 12 columns with width as 100%. Default class for medium screen phones
Large Screen Devices
l1Defines 1 of 12 columns with width as 08.33%
l2Defines 2 of 12 columns with width as 16.66%.
l3Defines 3 of 12 columns with width as 25.00%.
l4Defines 4 of 12 columns with width as 33.33%.
l5-l11Defines 5-11 columns respectively
l12Defines 12 of 12 columns with width as 100%. Default class for large screen devices like laptops


<div class="col s2 m3 l4"></div>

The above specifies to use 2 columns on a small screen, 3 on a medium screen, and 4 on a large screen

 <div class="row">
      <div class="col s12">This div is 12-columns wide on all screen sizes</div>
      <div class="col s6">6-columns (one-half)</div>
      <div class="col s6">6-columns (one-half)</div>
      <div class="col s6 offset-s6"><span class="flow-text">6-columns (offset-by-6)</span></div>

      <div class="col s7 push-s5"><span class="flow-text">This div is 7-columns wide on pushed to the right by 5-columns.</span></div>
      <div class="col s5 pull-s7"><span class="flow-text">5-columns wide pulled to the left by 7-columns.</span><div>




<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn"><i class="material-icons left">cloud</i>button</a>


<a class="btn-floating btn-large waves-effect waves-light red"><i class="material-icons">add</i></a>


<button class="btn waves-effect waves-light" type="submit" name="action">Submit
    <i class="material-icons right">send</i>

Small and large Buttons

<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn-small">Button</a>
<a class="waves-effect waves-light btn-large">Button</a>


<a class="btn disabled">Button</a>


    <div class="nav-wrapper">
      <div class="col s12">
        <a href="#!" class="breadcrumb">First</a>
        <a href="#!" class="breadcrumb">Second</a>
        <a href="#!" class="breadcrumb">Third</a>


  <div class="row">
    <div class="col s12 m6">
      <div class="card blue-grey darken-1">
        <div class="card-content white-text">
          <span class="card-title">Card Title</span>
          <p>I am a very simple card. I am good at containing small bits of information.
          I am convenient because I require little markup to use effectively.</p>
        <div class="card-action">
          <a href="#">This is a link</a>


  tiny: 1rem
  small: 2rem
  medium: 4rem
  large: 6rem
  <i class="large material-icons">insert_chart</i>


    <div class="nav-wrapper">
      <a href="#" class="brand-logo">Logo</a>
      <ul id="nav-mobile" class="right hide-on-med-and-down">
        <li><a href="sass.html">Sass</a></li>
        <li><a href="badges.html">Components</a></li>
        <li><a href="collapsible.html">JavaScript</a></li>


  <ul class="pagination">
    <li class="disabled"><a href="#!"><i class="material-icons">chevron_left</i></a></li>
    <li class="active"><a href="#!">1</a></li>
    <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">2</a></li>
    <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">3</a></li>
    <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">4</a></li>
    <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!">5</a></li>
    <li class="waves-effect"><a href="#!"><i class="material-icons">chevron_right</i></a></li>


  <div class="progress">
      <div class="determinate" style="width: 70%"></div>
   <div class="progress">
      <div class="indeterminate"></div>