{empId: 1, name: 'Clark', dept: 'Sales' },
  {empId: 2, name: 'Dave', dept: 'Accounting' },
  {empId: 3, name: 'Ava', dept: 'Sales' }

db.employees.find({dept: 'Sales'}); 

MongoDB online editor

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About MongoDB

MongoDB is a cross platform document oriented NoSQL database.

Key Features:

  • Designed to overcome the the limitations of relational databases approach and other NoSQL solutions
  • Horizontal scaling
  • Load balancing capabilities
  • Better data availability and stability

Syntax help


Inserting documents

  1. db.collection.insert(): Using insert you can either insert one document or array of documents
db.employees.insert(   {empId: 3, name: 'Ava', dept: 'Sales' });
  1. db.collection.insertOne(): Inserts one document
db.employees.insertOne(  {empId: 4, name: 'Nick', dept: 'Accounting' });
  1. db.collection.insertMany: Inserts multiple documents
  {empId: 1, name: 'Clark', dept: 'Sales' },
  {empId: 2, name: 'Dave', dept: 'Accounting' }

Updating documents

  1. db.collection.update() : Updates one or more than one document(s) in collection based on matching document and based on multi option
  {empId: 3 },
  { $set: { region: "Asia" } }
  1. db.collection.updateOne() : Updates a single document in collection based on matching document
  {empId: 2 },
  { $set: { region: "Asia" } }
  1. db.collection.updateMany() : Updates multiple documents in collection based on the condition.
  { dept: 'Sales'},
  { $set: { region: "US" } }

Deleting documents

  1. db.collection.deleteOne(<filter>, <options>): Deletes a Single document from collection
db.employees.deleteOne({ empId: 1})
  1. db.collection.deleteMany(<filter>, <options>): Deletes all documents with matching filter
db.employees.deleteMany({ dept: 'Sales'})