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Frequently used GIT Commands

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1.) User Details To configure the name and email address to be used with commits.

[email protected]:~# git config --global user.name "userName"
[email protected]:~# git config --global user.email "mailId"

2.) Git clone To clone a copy of a local repository:

[email protected]:~# git clone /path/to/repository

/path/to/repository we can get from https://bitbucket.org/projectName/overview page HTTPS icon

3.) checkout -b newBranch To create new branch on top a branch say X, do

 [email protected]:~#  git checkout -b newBranch

4.) git branch To know our current branch

[email protected]:~#  git branch

5.) git pull origin brnachname To pull branch code present on server to our machine

[email protected]:~#  git pull origin branchname

6.) git status To know which all programs are updated in our local machine

[email protected]:~#  git status

7.)git add program To mark the program to be added to server repository

[email protected]:~#  git add program

8.) git commit -m "added file x" To commit the changes, -m is message that gets displayed

[email protected]:~#  git commit -m "added file x"

9.) git push origin branchname Push changes to branchname of remote repository

[email protected]:~#  git push origin branchname

10.) git fetch origin If we wanted to drop all our local changes and fetch the latest from the server

[email protected]:~#  git fetch origin

11.) git grep "hello" It searches the current branch for hello

[email protected]:~#  git grep "hello"

12.) git diff sourcebranch targetbranch It shows changes, before merging:

[email protected]:~#  git diff sourcebranch targetbranch

13.) git diff Shows all the merge conflicts:

[email protected]:~#  git diff 

14.) git push --tags origin It Pushes all tags to remote repository

[email protected]:~#  git push --tags origin

15.) git merge branchname It merges branchname into our active branch:

[email protected]:~# git merge branchname